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Dear Intended Parent /Egg donor or Surrogate mother

Thank you for considering our services, we would be honored to be a part of your journey! I established Donate Or Surrogate after struggling with infertility. During my journey, I’d had several heartbreaking, failed IVF’s. As a result of my experiences, I decided to search for the best fertility specialists, in the hopes of helping others in their dreams of building a family. Today, we’ve built relationships with the top fertility care experts who’ve been certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties.

We’re a boutique-style egg donation and surrogacy agency and we pride ourselves on cultivating a robust catalog, full of interesting, talented, intelligent models that are egg donors, and surrogate mothers who are mothers themselves. They are caring, nurturing, and understand how important the journey they are embarking on is, we’re incredibly proud of all our women. Our egg donors are an exclusive selection of women who range from professional models, actors, students from top U.S. universities, including the Ivy League, and pageant titleholders. Some girls, having all these achievements, and or, an assortment of them, all at once. At Donate Or Surrogate we combine compassion, elegance and excellence into a single formula that will cater to your every need; with one of the highest standards, the industry has to offer.

Our philosophy is that in keeping the agency small, allows my team and I to have a hands-on approach with all our intended parents. We take pride and joy in taking the time to get to know each of you as an individual. It’s our goal and purpose as an organization to facilitate happily ever afters for anyone and everyone that would allow us into their lives. After all, I got my own happy ending, with a now 20-year-old son who’s studying for a degree in neuroscience, and later, medicine!

Lastly, I’d like to emphasize that, whatever the road may be ahead, we will make it our mission and purpose to guide and walk you through every step of your journey

It is with utmost sincerity that we wish you all the best, and are thrilled to stand beside you through it all, if you’d have us.Here’s to making your wish come true!

All the best, yours sincerely,

Mbalizethu Mkhize.

A word from our egg donors

It was a rewarding experience, knowing that I have assisted a couple in building a family has fulfilled my life in so many ways.

Actual Egg Donor

Dr. Kolb specializes in the care of complex fertility problems at HRC Fertility Pasadena and, under his guidance, has helped improve HRC’s donor pregnancy rate.

Dr. Kolb is internationally known for his expertise in complex reproductive matters and is one of the largest providers of egg donation and surrogacy in the United States with patients traveling from around the world to HRC Fertility Pasadena to see him.  His practice is known for helping to develop and implementing cutting edge technologies in the genetic screening of embryos, the development of new laboratory technologies and the development of highly efficient treatment. In addition to his high success rates, patients are also impressed with his warm bedside manner, compassion and dedication. Read More