Common Egg Donation Myths Debunked

Leaning towards donating your eggs? Don’t let uninformed opinions deter you!

Your single donation could change someone’s life. Studies have shown that egg donors are in high demand owing to constant scientific advancements proving their effectiveness and safety.

There are several myths about egg donation circulating the internet and we’re here to debunk them.

If you’re in the Beverly Hills, California region, and are looking to become an egg donor, here’s what you need to know about the egg donation process.

Myth#1: Egg Donation is Painful

Let’s start with this one, as it’s one of the most common myths at our fertility clinic.

The egg-retrieval process itself is absolutely painless as donors are sedated when the process is being performed.

The only pain you may feel is from the needle where the hormone shot is administered. In some cases, the shots cause bloating, nausea, cramps and menstruation-like symptoms. However, these are short-term and don’t last long.

Myth #2: Donating Eggs Lead To Infertility

There is hardly any research indicating that the donation process can lead to infertility. In fact, much of what’s said about this is anecdotal.

Women are born with 2 to 3 million eggs, and although the amount of eggs left in a woman’s ovarian reserve is considerably low, most 40 year olds still have a 5% chance of becoming pregnant.

Moreover, the process of egg-donation ensures certain requirements are met before classifying a potential donor as eligible.

Myth #3: The Process Takes a Long Time

The egg donation process is fairly straightforward. It lasts for about 2-3 months with a few appointments in between.

If you’re a working woman, you can always schedule appointments to suit your convenience.

However, if you’re administering the hormone shot 2-3 weeks in advance, the actual retrieval process can take up to 3 hours, including recovery.

Myth #4: Egg Donation is Exploitative

It’s quite the contrary, actually.

The egg donation process is entirely consensual. Not only are donors duly compensated for their time and services, including commute, but we also notice that most of them are genuinely passionate about helping out families!

Therefore, we have a thorough screening process to ensure donors are healthy individuals who genuinely care for the cause.

Here, at Donate or Surrogate in Beverly Hills, California, we offer donor compensation in correspondence with industry guidelines.

A pregnant woman holding her stomach

While there are a lot of myths about egg donation, it’s the individual’s responsibility to research and determine if this option is best for them.

If you’ve been contemplating becoming an egg donor or even serve as a surrogate in CA, get in touch with us or call us at 424 500 0084.